Bike the UK for MS

Cross country bicycle trips for multiple sclerosis research and awareness.

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What we do .

We ride. We raise awareness and funds. We support. We deliver research funding. 



Our cyclists raise at least £1 per mile to impact MS research, treatment, and help MS support groups across the UK



Ride from End to End of the United Kingdom, across from Sea to Sea, choose a segment of any of our routes, or plan your own adventure


Give Back

We volunteer on our rest days for people living with MS and deliver your fundraised pounds to MS support groups and research projects across the country.

Adventure for a cause

Travel. Explore. Connect. Give Back.


Tell your story - get donors behind your cause


Connect with the MS community


See the country from the seat of your bike


Push your limits physically and mentally


Spend your rest days lending a helping hand to those that need it most


Hand deliver funds to MS research and treatment projects across the UK

Who we are

We are a community of inspired individuals, from all backgrounds, ages, and cycling abilities. We are commuters, weekend warriors, seasoned bikepackers, racers, and fresh-off-the-training-wheels-just-got-a-bike-for-the trip riders.


We are from across the UK and around the world.


We come together for a common purpose: to raise funds and awareness for multiple sclerosis research, volunteer our time, and make a positive impact on the lives of those living with MS.

Where We Ride .

With two End to End routes and a cross country Sea to Sea route, choose the ride that bests fits your desired adventure. 


Land's End, England to John O'Groats, Scotland


John O'Groats, Scotland to Land's End, England

Sea to Sea

Whitehaven to Tynemouth, England

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Ride Your Adventure of a Lifetime!

We are accepting applications for all 2019 rides!

Join Us On The Road

Join us on the road for a cross country trip or a segment of your choice

Ride Virtually

Can't join us on the road? Join us from wherever you are!

Become A Supporter

Want to raise funds and awareness for MS in your community? Join as a supporter!

Get Inspired .

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