University of Bath
Scott Contessa Speedster 25

About Gina Dean

My name is Gina and i'm in my final year at the University of Bath studying Natural Sciences. In July I will be cycling from John O'Groats to Lands End to raise money for Bike the UK for MS.

I first encountered Bike the US for MS in 2013 when I met James who organizes the UK route. Prior to this I had very little knowledge about the disease but from James I heard great stories about how the money raised in the US was helping people with MS. When James set up the UK route in 2014 I got to see first hand where the money raised by Bike the UK has been put to use and how it has helped to improve the lives of those living with MS. Having helped out on part of the trip last year, I know only too well how hard the challenge is going to be.

The money raised by Bike the UK goes towards both improving the lives for those suffering from MS as well as scientific research, with the hope of beating the disease in the future.

The aim is to raise £1 per mile, a total of £1006 meaning 1006 very very long miles. Having only taken up cycling in October last year and never having cycled this far on consectutive days I know this is going to be a massive challenge and any donations would be greatly appreciated!

Gina Dean's Fundraising


RAISED: £1426
Granny and Grandad £200.00
Alison Dean £145.00
Charlotte H £100.00
james dean £100.00
Andrew Burchmore £75.00
Terry Copperthwaite £60.00
Family Perrott £50.00
James Whateley £50.00
Lorna Whateley £50.00
Louise Hall £50.00
Peter Burden £50.00
The Capels £50.00
The Pickfords £50.00
William Dickson £40.00
Wendy Bright £35.00
Anna Dean £30.00
Rebecca Case £30.00
Granny D £25.00
Mark Bromfield £25.00
Simon Derby £25.00
Margaret and Chris morris £21.00
Anonymous £20.00
Gill and John Lewis £15.00
Lorraine Bishop £15.00
Louisa Davies £15.00
Susan Elmes £15.00
thomas dean £15.00
Charlotte Laden £10.00
Jade Fawcett £10.00
Martin and Christine £10.00
Natasha Patel £10.00
Philippa Johnson £10.00
Hannah Flint £5.00
Rebecca Story £5.00
Sophie Hutchinson £5.00
Tracy Flint £5.00