About Duncan Moore

I love these trips so much, I’ve done them three years in a row. I’m heart broken because I know I can’t do this forever.



What is your age?


What made you want to ride your bike across the country?

I wanted to see the world, have an adventure, accomplish something,

and help others in the process.

Where do you live?

San Francisco suburbs

What is your profession?

“A professional at stopping to smell the roses” is the best complement

I have received.

What routes/years did you ride with Bike the US for MS?

Trans Am 2013

No Tier 2014

Pac Coast + So Tier 2015

Before the ride:

How many miles did you clock in before the trip?

1,000 miles in the 6 months leading up.

What was your cycling experience before signing up?

I had never owned a bike with GEARS when I signed up for the trip!

Where did you find the most success fundraising?

Have friends and family spread the word on your behalf.

What was your biggest worry before the trip, and how did you handle it?

I feared getting burnt alive in Kansas. I did not prepare, and I got

burnt up on the day into Kansas, but it was still my favorite state.

How many fundraising letters/emails do you think you sent?

Not enough…

What surprised you most about the fundraising process?

Old friends you haven’t spoken to in years will help out because they

are proud of you and want to be part of a great endeavor.


What type of bike did you ride? Where did you get it?

Novaro Divano aka the cheapest option at REI. No matter how fancy your

bike is, you still have to pedal it.

What is something you wish you had brought which you didn’t?

An assistant editor. It took me 1.5 years to edit all the video I shot.

What’s one ancillary thing you couldn’t have lived without on the road?

Camera phone!

What’s one thing you brought that you wish you hadn’t?

Books. Too busy having my own adventures and revelations to read about theirs.

Is there anything you spent a bit more money on that you were glad you did?

Video camera.

How much casual clothes (t-shirts, shorts, etc) did you bring?

3 shirts, 2 shorts, 1 pants, GO!

How many pairs of cycling shorts/bibs did you bring?

Brought 4, wore ZERO. Liberate your rump!

What type of sleeping pad did you use?

Self inflating foam, air pockets leak.


What was your favorite trailer snack?

Trail Mix. Sweet, beautiful trail mix. “Save The Dates” will be mailed

out shortly.

How often would you go out to eat?

Once every other day.

Would you cook at camp often? If so, what was your favorite recipe?

Eating at camp is the go to for me. My secret recipes for beans, you

ask? Get a can. Open it. Add salt. Eat cold. Finish desert while the

others are trying to light their stove.


Did you prefer to ride alone or in a group?

66% solo so you can stop and save every turtle and snap every photo.

33% group so you don’t go crazy from isolation and have an adventure


Would you rather be riding through steady rain or extreme heat?

RAIN! Heat is a characteristic of hell…

What would you keep in your bike jersey pockets?

Map. Phone. Wallet. Charging chords. Snack.

Did you use a rack/saddle bag/handlebar bag?

Not until my 3rd tour. Wish I got one sooner.

What type of tires did you ride?

Bicycle tires. Car tires are too big.

Did you use a cyclocomputer? What was your normal pace?

Abandon all technology! Look at the scenery, not your miles per hour!

(especially when it is 12mph like me)

How long did it take to learn to read the maps?

3 days. If you can't keep up, you have to learn to read.

Riding on a flat terrain with a headwind, or climbing a mountain pass

for miles. Which do you prefer?

The headwinds on the flats 5 miles before THE ROCKIES were harder than

cycling over THE ROCKIES!

What was the most difficult part/aspect/state of the ride?

Nevada. Its been over 2 years, and I still haven’t forgiven her for burning me.


Were you an early riser? Did you sleep in?

Let’s get up and go! Adventure awaits!!!

When you got to camp, the first thing you did was….

Get the stank off.

How often would you do laundry?

Every other week.

It’s the evening and you’re out of your bike clothes, fed, and your

tent is pitched. What are you doing to pass the time until you fell


Editing photos.

How many sink/hose showers did you take?

A lot. One time, the best option was the water left over in my

bottles. They are worth the story. Wear your stripes with pride.

How many loads of sink/hose laundry did you do?

Daily rinse of jersey and cycling shorts.

On rest days, did you prefer to go out and see what the town has to

offer, or did you hang out, rest up, and relax?

Both are viable options.


What’s your favorite memory from your trip?

Young proposing to me on the shores of Seattle. Did you say memory or fantasy?

Do you keep in touch with many of your teammates?

Fly out to see them once a year. Text someone every other day.


Do you have any pieces of general advice for new cyclists?

Don’t treat the miles like a 9-5 job. Enjoy ride the ride. See the

sites. Talk to strangers. Make memories. You signed up for the trip

because you want an adventure, not because you want to peddle for 60

miles a day.

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