Southampton University
Specialised Dulce Womens Road Bike

About Jenny Whateley

Biking the UK this summer to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a challenge that I could not resist. I am a keen sportswoman but an inexperienced rider. So I'm anticipating highs and lows over the 1034 miles from John O'Groats to Land's End through Scotland, England and part of Wales.

I am currently studying medicine at the University of Southampton, graduating next year. I previously spent four years playing tennis and studying at the University of Northern Colorado in the USA.

The aim of this trip is to raise awareness for MS which affects around 100,000 people in the UK. The money raised will go towards national projects that are fighting to improve treatment and care for people with the disease. It will also go towards the local MS society in Bath. Last year's proceeds helped provide exercise classes for people with MS living in the area and this year we are hoping to raise more money to fund these.

Recently I was lucky enough to meet people who had benefitted from these classes and saw their value, not only as a way to keep active but also as a support group. 

My goal for the trip is to raise £1 for every mile ridden and I would really appreciate your support for this great cause. You can donate here in UK pounds or US dollars and any donation will really help!


Thank you.


Jenny Whateley's Fundraising


RAISED: £1046
Cake Sale £70.00
Anne Whateley £50.00
Cake Sale £50.00
Jackie Blizard £50.00
Anonymous £50.00
Julie Gregory £40.00
Anonymous £19.00
Claire Beer £30.00
Penelope Jean Wilson £30.00
CharlesandAnnette Whateley £25.00
Anonymous £25.00
Anonymous £25.00
Bethan Harries £21.00
Amy Rolfe £20.00
Bill Dick £20.00
Bobster Bullingham £20.00
Claire Nicholas £20.00
Elizabeth Hendries £20.00
Hannah Gregory £20.00
Henny slater £20.00
Anonymous £20.00
Laura Whateley £20.00
Lauren Oosdyke £13.00
Leah Waterhouse £20.00
Natalie Hammond £20.00
Alex Rollings £15.00
Helen Whateley £15.00
Holly Carruthers £15.00
Oliver Allon £15.00
The Crooks £15.00
Alexandra Kenchington £10.00
Alice Paterson £10.00
Becca Green £10.00
Becky Geffen £10.00
Cassie Northcott £10.00
Christian Collins £10.00
Dalia Cardenes £10.00
David Wilson £10.00
Emily Tidbury £10.00
Hannah Capstick £10.00
Hannah Capstick £10.00
Hannah Capstick £10.00
Katherine White £10.00
Leo Olney £10.00
Lewis Price £10.00
Louise Mallam £10.00
Matt Duffield £10.00
Anonymous £10.00
Anonymous £10.00
Nicky EARWAKER £10.00
Owen Potter £10.00
Anonymous £10.00
Ruth Whateley £10.00
JeanAndChris Jackson £7.00
Theo Criswell £6.00
Harrison Stubbs £5.00
Roma Coates £5.00