Brooklyn, NY
Specialized Ruby

About Naomi Forman

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to take on such a thrilling challenge this summer and bike across the UK. In my regular life, I teach English and history to middle schoolers. While I absolutely love my job, this summer's ride will be a welcome opportunity to escape my (very endearing, but very hyper) pre-teen students and focus on myself, fitness, and a gorgeous foreign landscape. I'm looking forward to pushing myself to new heights while participating in this adventure.

I'm hoping to raise £1 for every mile I ride, or £1,020 total (~$1440). Most of the money raised will benefit organizations fighting Multiple Sclerosis. The funds will help individuals who are struggling with this disease through research, exercise classes, and supportive equipment and facilities. I am so grateful for my physical health, which allows me to participate in feats like this bike ride, and I'm hopeful that these funds will help others feel both physically and emotionally stronger.

Any little bit helps! I'm so appreciative of your support.

Naomi Forman's Fundraising

JOGLE 2018 TEAM TOTAL: £13996

RAISED: £2234
Debbie and Jonathan Forman £200.00
Daniel Lindsay Jack and Gabe Forman £100.00
Daniel Sarfati £100.00
judith bello £100.00
vicky lyon £100.00
Karen and Gordon Braverman £80.00
stephen gunzbnurger £70.00
Anonymous £60.00
Allison Guttenplan £54.00
Elon Gaffin-Cahn £54.00
Aaron Lyon £50.00
Adam Buchbinder £50.00
Bryan Shalloway £50.00
David Tabachnik £50.00
Jessica Robins £50.00
Leah Forman £50.00
Nicole Nash £50.00
Suzanne Khuri £50.00
Melanie and Evan Bieber £45.00
Amanda Cove £37.00
Ethan Witkovsky £36.00
Anonymous £36.00
Jeremy Perkins £36.00
Judy Remz £36.00
Ruth Ehrlich £36.00
Sheryl Marcus £36.00
Barbara Gaffin £35.00
Michael Rachel Smookler Boyar £35.00
Allison Corvo £30.00
David Srebnick £25.00
Jacob Levenfeld £25.00
Jillian Smith £25.00
Katie MacDonald £25.00
Renee Werber £25.00
Sam Tabachnik £25.00
Annie Pinnell £20.00
Rachel Wexler £20.00
Elyse Van Pelt £19.00
Andreea Adereth £18.00
Jenna Hopp £18.00
Josh Block £18.00
Laurel Marcus £18.00
Liat Werber £18.00
Naomi Schaffer £18.00
Nat Gardenswartz £18.00
Sammie Higer £18.00
Sarah Ebstein £18.00
Sarah Lefsky £18.00
Steven Fine £18.00
Tali Smookler £18.00
Talia Marcus £18.00
Yamit Friedman £18.00
Daniel Wolf £14.00
Pam Slifer £13.00
Stephen Gershman £12.00
Sammy Forman £10.00
Daniel Fogel £8.00