About Adam Williams

Naturally unfit and self proclaimed laziest sportsman ..


Incredibly honoured and excited to be taking part in this cycle to raise money and awareness for MS. In 2010, my mum at the age of 41 was diagnosed with the disease following years of encounters with various symptoms. 5 years later, she was forced to retire from the career that gave her so much love and joy as a nurse; this hit her harder than the disease itself. Being a stubborn women, she has never let MS beat her however and continues to battle it each day! I can not wait to start this trip and support the fight against a disease which has effected so many. 

Adam Williams' Fundraising


RAISED: £1050
Anonymous £250.00
Anonymous £100.00
Nigel Pantling £100.00
Jacky Myers £50.00
Nicky and Catherine £50.00
Sue Trevelyan £50.00
Tom Stevens £50.00
Callum Yeowell £35.00
Georgie Myers £30.00
Olivia Myers £30.00
Geoff Gilbert £25.00
Pamalaaarrr Garalaaarrr £25.00
E Turner £20.00
Janet Williams £20.00
Mike Wright £20.00
Steve Wright £20.00
Anonymous £15.00
Gawen Angove £15.00
Kyle Paine £15.00
amy reeves £10.00
Ashley-James Stiles £10.00
Bridget Pedrick £10.00
Craig Burchett £10.00
David George £10.00
Emma Indge £10.00
Kelly Wright £10.00
Ken Williams £10.00
Mark Dymond £10.00
Michael Trengove £10.00
Steve Forde £10.00
Amber Landolfi £5.00
Callum Yeowell £5.00
Francesca Taffs £5.00
Pete McMillan £5.00