Milwaukee Wisconsin
Tirreno Razza-3000

About Kat OMahar

I am a 27 year old high school psychology teacher that recently returned to life stateside after living and working in Turkey. After coming back to my home state of Wisconsin, I am getting restless and looking forward to the next great adventure. I have always wanted to complete a long distance bike trek, and doing so while raising money and awareness for such a great cause will be an honor. I am not the most experienced biker, so I plan on some extensive training prior to my arrival on the isle!

Kat OMahar's Fundraising

LEJOG 2018 TEAM TOTAL: £13883

RAISED: £1152
PayPal Donors £280.00
Anonymous £150.00
Peter Baxter £102.00
Kayla Laurie and Brad Davison £100.00
Mel and Colleen O'Mahar £75.00
Robert DiSalvo £75.00
Ryan and Bekah Selking £55.00
Anna Marie Feldmeier £40.00
Graham Ortiz £40.00
Nora Smolnisky £40.00
Theresa Gipson £25.00
Adam Kurth £20.00
Andrew Meyer £20.00
David Schuyler £20.00
Jon Hannam £20.00
Lynn Packard £20.00
Robbyn Schley £20.00
Heidi Barth £15.00
Kim Myczek £15.00
Tim Labinski £15.00
Road Donation £5.00