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About David Suriani

My ride for Rhonda

This summer I will be biking the LEJOG1. This is an iconic 1000 mile, 15 day ride from the South of England to the North of Scotland to raise awareness and fund research for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). As riders for Bike the UK for MS, we will also be volunteering to help MS patients along the route on our off days. This will be the most exciting and demanding bike ride of my life.  As difficult as the ride may be, I will be riding with the awareness that my journey will not be as difficult as it is for Rhonda Dray who has MS. I am dedicating my ride in the honor of Rhonda and her daily fight living with MS.

Rhonda Dray’s Story

I was diagnosed June 1999.  It started Memorial Day weekend with numbness in my feet then it went to my hands and continued to spread further up my legs, down my arms and then around my waist. I believe stress brought it on since we were having a big party that weekend and was doing a lot of preparation.  This happened over time. I didn't want to believe I had MS. I went through 2 doctors, 2 spinal taps and finally Dr. number 3 saved my life. Things had gotten so bad that I could walk only 50 feet and my legs would give out and I could not walk any further without sitting down. Driving to and work were a challenge. Thank god my work was great and they would push me around in an office chair. My boss would wait for me to get done and basically hold me up so I could make it to the car.  Dr. Cadavid was a very aggressive doctor and gave me intravenous steroid treatments. I got so much better, walking became normal again then about 8 months later it started again another round of steroid treatments and that helped once again.

Finding the right medicine was also rough. First Avonex which made me feel like l had the flu so from Friday to Sunday the weekend was shot.  My poor husband had to give me the shot since it was intramuscular. The doctor put me on Copaxone which thank god has kept it at bay for over 10 years which is a subcutaneous shot 3xs a week (it used to be every day).  My advice would be find a doctor that is aggressive with treatment. The numbness is still in my hands and feet but you learn to live with it and myself I choose to pretend I don’t have it and work with it.

Rhonda Dray

David Suriani's Fundraising

LEJOG 2018 TEAM TOTAL: £13883

RAISED: £1458
Robin Marko £132.00
Colin Dray £100.00
Edvige Reitz £75.00
Grace Suriani £75.00
Kim Reitz £75.00
Lindsey Suriani £75.00
Stefanie Lourenco £75.00
Shaukat Ali £65.00
Cindy Hardgrove £50.00
Colin Dray £50.00
Anonymous £50.00
Gary Johnson £50.00
Ludger Roedder £50.00
Matthew Lyon £50.00
Melissa Olsen £50.00
Sue Gessner £50.00
Bob and Janet Larson £40.00
Isilda Santos £40.00
Eric Wiley £38.00
Doreen Griffiths £35.00
Jacqueline Booth £35.00
Jeananne Devaney £33.00
Debbie Palumbo £25.00
Sandra Suker £25.00
Tony Restuccia £25.00
Bruce Livingston £15.00
Megan Palumbo £10.00
Road Donation £10.00
Road Donation £5.00