University of Bath

About William Caley

I’m a 19 year old fresher studying Maths and Physics at the University of Bath and a focus of mine this year is to try new things. I didn’t hesitate to apply for Bike the UK for MS after hearing about it through my uni. To me these 15 days will be a great chance to meet new people, face a gruelling challenge and all for a fantastic cause! 

I can’t say I was much of a biker but I have been training hard since the Christmas holidays and I expect to be fully ready come July. Rugby has been my sport and I’ve fallen in love with rowing after picking it up this year. I’m also a keen musician. Hopefully after this I will have a lifelong passion for cycling too!

I’ve travelled around the world a bit with my family but I was born and am based in Reading. I spent several years living in Belgium and then in Bahrain (where I completely forgot how to ride a bike, it just wasn’t a done thing there). The last year or two I have spent back in the UK to finish school and begin an often neglected course at university. I love meeting new people and I’ll be opportunistic in that respect as I ride in a group on this trip.

I know only one person who suffers from MS - a dear friend to my family. I don’t think I would be doing this if it wasn’t for such a great charitable cause - that said I think I would do it for any charity! The other thing I'll be getting from this is a chance to get fitter and take on a challenge. I don’t have any particular personal ties to MS but when I’m struggling along the course, knowing that I’m helping people will spur me on.

I need to raise £1020 - that’s £1 per mile. I’m hoping everyone reading this will want to sponsor me!

William Caley's Fundraising

LEJOG 2018 TEAM TOTAL: £13883

RAISED: £1562
Anonymous £250.00
Elaine Caley £100.00
Ross Caley £100.00
Shelley Dell £100.00
Suzanne McMahon £75.00
Anonymous £65.00
Andrew Wilkie £50.00
Angela Jennings £50.00
Eibhlin Crosse £50.00
Jane Hoar £50.00
Paul Bagshaw £50.00
Ruth Skinner £50.00
Emma Kennion £35.00
Theresa Colgan-Facey £35.00
Andrew Rogers £30.00
Carol Harris £30.00
Catherine Bryant-Due £30.00
Mrs Tracy £30.00
Sarah Firth £30.00
Sophie Weeden £30.00
Anna Munro £25.00
Micah Lazarus £25.00
E Gray £20.00
Jane Phipps £20.00
Maxine Ward £20.00
Nicole Johnstone £20.00
Sylvie Marie £20.00
Tish Reel £20.00
Daniel Talkington £15.00
Sam Hoar £11.00
Alex Murphy £10.00
Anonymous £10.00
Jo Oneill £10.00
Kirsten Charlton £10.00
Megan Benson £10.00
Road Donation £10.00
simon richard £7.00
Alex Murphy £4.00
Anonymous £5.00