Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
Nashbar Carbon 105

About Ted Yates

I'm a retired reading teacher from the Moon Area School District, which is in western Pennsylvania. I've been married to my wonderful wife for 35 years and we have two lovely daughters. It is with their support that I undertake this challenging ride.

I'm excited to ride again for Bike the US/UK for MS, a great organization, and reunite with my English friends. I know I'm in good hands with James W. and James K. and I know this ride will be a very worthwhile endeavor that will benefit people suffering with MS.

Ted Yates' Fundraising

LEJOG 2018 TEAM TOTAL: £13883

RAISED: £1681
Danny and Cherie Wolovich £194.00
Cindy Yates £200.00
Deann Ward £200.00
Susan Laabs £105.00
Dolly Bandula £100.00
Mark and Carol Capuano £100.00
Patrick Musta £65.00
Dale Johnson £32.00
Dave Baker £50.00
Dennis Steffanina £37.00
Jerry MacFarland £50.00
jim and claudia Benson £50.00
Makiala Yates £37.00
Maura Yates £50.00
Tara Bertini £38.00
Toni and Joe Passarello £50.00
Rupert £40.00
Ann and Jim Vallimont £30.00
James Reed £30.00
Taylor Bertini £23.00
William Moore £30.00
Clyde Ravell £25.00
Dick Williams £25.00
Gail Vickery £25.00
Jim Carver £25.00
Kaylyn Messenger £25.00
Andrew Straw £20.00
Dick Williams £20.00
Neil Thompson £5.00