Long Beach,CA
2015 Giant Tcr Slr 2

About Eddie Sinsun

Hey everyone! So my name is Eddie Sinsun and I will have the privledge of biking the U.K for MS this summer! This time I will need your help to raise money and awareness for ms. My fundraising goal is about $1,000! Anything and everything helps out alot and for those that know me personally know this is a passion of mine. I love cycling and helping others.

Just a little about me I will be 23 by the time this trip starts and I live in Long Beach,CA. I work at a middle school as a recreational aide but I also run the afterschool program there as well. I'm constantly surrounded by students and teachers but I love the educational enviroment and being a mentor to these young adults means alot to me. I am one of six children and I'm the oldest boy so I have alot of younger ones who look up to me so being a role model is always a must .I first cycled 3,785 miles across the U.S for MS the summer of 2015 from Yorktown,VA to San Francisco, CA. I couldn't get enough of the adventure so I then decided to become a leader and lead a group coast to coast for MS. So the summer of 2016 I lead a group from Bar Harbor, Maine to Seattle, Washington. About 4,295 miles later after finsihing this northern tier trip I decided why not keep going so I lead another group along the pacific coast from Seattle,Washington to San Diego, California. These groups had about 20-30 cyclists but they were full of energy and had such amazing stories that made these trips worth it. Seeing the country side and cycling through multiple states is a blessing but the real prize was witnessing those who we have helped along the way. Random strangers, MS organizations across the country, and tons of support from families and alumnis it makes these trips more meaningful.


I personally do not have a conncection to MS but cycling throughout the country and meeting all these people who have been affected with the disease I feel my connection has grown. I love to help people and if I can do so by raising money and awareness to help those in need while riding my bike then it's a win win for us all! Let us show the world that there are still helpful people that can make a difference even if it is just as simple as riding a bike. Cycling through the desert, rain, storms, hills, mountains passes and through the forest is no easy task but we can't imagine what others go through with diseases on a daily basis. It's the little things in life that mean so much more. So if you or anyone can help not only me but people around the globe end MS we will be forever grateful. :)


Lets change the world one pedal at a time!

Eddie Sinsun's Fundraising


RAISED: £998
Isaac Sinsun £231.00
Jefferson Leadership Academies £155.00
Isaac Sinsun £65.00
Kristie Scharfe £80.00
Katie MacDonald £44.00
Apple Match £32.00
Anonymous £39.00
Linda Huyck £32.00
Emily Brian Tobin £40.00
Stephany Vazquez £31.00
Ester Mendoza £19.00
Jeff Bennett £16.00
Luke Fadem £16.00
Melissa Cardonato £16.00
Stephanie Martinez £16.00
Steve Dobbs £19.00
Angelica Barragan £13.00
Benjamin Haro £16.00
Colin Berg £13.00
Crystal Figueroa £20.00
Yuniza Nunez £20.00
Anonymous £10.00
Ester Mendoza £6.00
Paul Boundy £10.00
Diego Ochoa £1.00
Anonymous £0.00